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Google Books Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library Write a Nonfiction Book - Bobbi Linkemer Bobbi Linkemer is the author of 24 books under her own name, as well as a ghostwriter, book coach, and editor. She has guided many authors through the process of writing, publishing, and promoting their nonfiction … The Little Known Secret to Writing a Bestselling The Little Known Secret: Write a Book the World Needs. This is the external factor that many authors don’t consider and is so, so important. If you write an excellent book and have a decent platform that you then leverage to promote your book, chances are the book will do fine.

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Best Books of 2014 : NPR NPR’s Book Concierge ... you'll either start with the story of the artist ... “Every year there is one nonfiction book that makes me shake up my steady ... Best Sellers in Nonfiction - Online Shopping ...

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The 10 Most Important Poker Strategy Books Ever Written ... Released in 1973 when there were virtually no poker books on the market, this was a groundbreaking first step in what would later become a foot race to lay out the best strategy for winning.

Short e-books are cheap, fast to read, and fun to talk about. We are just getting started in the decade of the concise nonfiction e-book.Rather than condemn the very wealthy, she seeks to understand them, explain how they were created, and then draw some conclusions about the rewards and risks...

Ask HN: Favorite nonfiction books of 2018? | Hacker News What are your favorite nonfiction books of 2018 (Read in 2018) ..... And I usually try to go through books I start even if I dislike them. But this one... it ...... Don't watch too much television, don't read too much crap online. ...... +1 for Liar's Poker. 20 Must-Read Books for Finance Professionals - Investopedia 5 days ago ... These 20 books offer insight into the past and present worlds of finance and how ... For finance professionals who want to better understand the history of their industry and ... Liar's Poker .... Compare Popular Online Brokers. Best Books on Writing | Jane Friedman If you're writing a nonfiction book (not a novel), this guide is a must-have. It's been the go-to manual for writing book proposals since the early 1980s. Nonfiction Books